AC Pro-Tech Total Rust Protection

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Total rust protection for your outdoor wood furnace. You can be proud of your outdoor boiler because it will stay shiny and new-looking, even though it may be more than 20 years old!

Use the AC Pro-Rust Remover first to clean up your boiler, then apply AC Pro-Tech for LONG-lasting protection. 

AC Pro-Tech is also your all-in-one corrosion and complete HVAC protection Aerosol coating, total rust protection for your HVAC coils, all the cabinets, plastics, and even protection for the PC Boards, PC Boards can be protected from humidity, Salt laden air, and pests like lizards, ants, frogs and all the other critters that damage PCB's. Can be used to help prevent Formicary corrosion on new evaporator coils.

 The Coating is:

* Smooth, Clear finish

* Has stable UV inhibitors

* Retains flexibility to expand and contract with heat cycles and pass a mandrel bend test

* Non-Conductive to electricity but allows Heat transfer

* Tested to ASTM standards to exceed 764 hours of Salt chamber testing

* Manufactured in an ISO9001 and ISO14001 facility

* Approved for use by multiple manufacturers 

Please see the product instructions and precautions.

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