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Outdoor Boiler Blower Fan GX Series

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Blower Fan - GX Series by This blower fan meets specifications for the following Hawken Energy furnace models: GX10, GX15, and GX30.

Replacing a GX series furnace blower fan is very simple. The fan is located in the rear of the furnace and can be easily accessed by the rear door. Please take the following steps:

1. Turn off power to the furnace from the breaker box.

2. Detach wires to the old fan.

3. Unbolt the old fan, replace with new fan

4. Reconnect wires. 

5. Confirm proper connection by restoring power to the furnace and actuate the blower fan with the switch in the control box.

To read blog article on how to replace blower fan for HE Series furnace, please visit the following link HERE (but please note that this is a different model furnace, and some instructions will not apply to the GX Series):

Replace Blower Fan Instructions Found HERE

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