D Plate Brush

Outdoor Boiler Wire Cleaning Brush – 8” x 84”

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What Is A D-Plate Brush?

This brush is used to clean the "D-Plate", which is the channel that air passes through from the front top of the burn chamber to the back before exiting through the chimney.

Why A D-Plate Brush?

This D-Plate area must be cleaned regularly to avoid harmful corrosion.  This is a difficult area to clean thus requiring a special brush.

When Is It Not Needed?

GX Model furnaces do not require this D-Plate Brush. 

How Is It Used?

This brush is used by first removing the chimney cap (and any extensions), push the wooden handle down the chimney and towards the front of the furnace until it stops. Then open the front door, reach up to the top front of the inside of the burn pot and grab the wooden handle and PULL the brush through. Repeat until sufficiently clean.

It is also recommended that a Shop Vac be used to vacuum out the area that can be reached from the top through the chimney.


This product meets specifications for all HE, GH, and BHS model furnaces.


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