Insulated PEX ULTRA 1" O2 Barrier - Heat Mizer Brand

$13 $19.45

Don't Buy Any Insulated PEX Until You Watch This Video from the Experts:

Click HERE for Underground Insulated PEX Video

Also, note that this is a premium version of our Heat Mizer Brand insulated PEX. Click HERE to see more information about standard Heat Mizer Insulated PEX.

Heat Mizer ULTRA sets the new standard for quality and heat loss in the outdoor boiler underground pipe industry. The quality is so good, it is backed with a warranty that replaces any pipe that fails, AND ALSO reimburses the owner up to $10 per foot of labor costs (up to 100'). Contact us for full warranty details, but this is the best stuff EVER! Don't waste your money with any of that nasty urethane-filled pipe, especially since they charge up to $18 per foot for that crazy stuff.

ALSO, our Heat Mizer ULTRA measured a certified heat loss over a 100' run of LESS THAN one-half of a degree C!! Heat Mizer ULTRA keeps hot water hotter than any other product at just 0.37 degrees C of heat loss over 100' ... Welcome to the new industry leader!

Heat Mizer ULTRA Underground Insulated Pipe utilizes only the highest grade US-made Watts 1" PEX O2 Barrier.

Price listed is PER FOOT, and please note the following important information:

Heat Mizer ULTRA is sold in lengths cut to order, with a 50-foot minimum and in 25-foot increments up to 500 feet. Any lengths over 250 feet will have a commercial heat shrink coupling in the outer casing but the PEX and insulation are continuous without any coupling.

Shipping costs are as follows:

 - Must call for a shipping quote. Call at (231) 221-0104, or email us at and provide a length desired, and shipping address and we will obtain a shipping quote for you.