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Outdoor boiler systems and installations are complicated. There are many who claim to be experts, but have really only just installed a few.

Without expert assistance with your boiler decisions, you will likely pay far too much for your boiler, your installation components, and the labor. You may also be sold inferior quality parts that do not meet the highly specific demands of an outdoor boiler system. We will show you which components require the highest quality, and which do not, thus achieving the highest value.  If you are sold anything that is not adequate to your specific custom needs, the worst case scenario will occur which is that your system will not provide you the HEAT you need or the long-term SAVINGS you could achieve.

In contrast, some of our customers calculate that our systems will save them over $200,000 during the life of their outdoor boiler!

The experts at will help you design your system will SAVE you money, time, and aggravation. The consulting fee paid for our services is GUARANTEED to be far LESS than the savings we will bring you.  Call us for a free quote at (231) 638-3800.

One recent customer was quoted over $6,000 for parts and labor to do a system modification. The experts at Outdoor Boiler Care were able to provide this customer with a much better custom design that saved the customer almost 50% in total cost!

There is nobody in the US with more expertise in outdoor wood boiler design, manufacture, quality control, installations, and service than the experts at Outdoor Boiler Care. The President, Warren Walborn, is the leading expert in the world on outdoor boilers, and he has testified before White House committees, and congressional hearings, and has been consulted by US Senators and Congressmen. To learn more about Mr. Walborn, click this link HERE.  ( about us page.)

We will design a complete system for you, complete with instructions and bills of materials, and expert recommendations on the best quality parts and supplies at the best prices. We will interview any needed service providers, and support them as they provide you only the highest quality work. We will stay with you during every phase of the project until you are completely satisfied - no project is complete until you are a happy customer!

Call us for a no-obligation FREE quote at (231) 638-3800 from 9 am to 8pm Mon-Sat. If the line is busy, leave a voicemail or send a text with the words "FREE QUOTE" and we will get back to you within 30 minutes.

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