Mixing Valve

Mixing Valve 1" THREADED 3-Way

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This mixing valve is designed for use with infloor radiant heating systems. Experts agree that infloor heating loops should not carry water hotter than 120-130 degrees as this will damage cement and flooring. However, outdoor boilers cannot operate in that temp range (120-130) without destroying the outdoor boiler. Therefore, to keep the outdoor boiler running at its design temp range (normally 160-180 F), this mixing valve is incorporated in a design with a plate heat exchanger that tempers the btus flowing into the infloor radiant loops.

This 3-way mixing valve is threaded and meets the specifications of custom infloor heating systems designed by OutdoorBoiler.com.

Contact us for customized design drawings to meet your specific needs. OutdoorBoiler.com customers may be eligible for our Free Design Services so you can have all the heat you need at the lowest possible cost!

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