Outdoor Boiler Low Temp Bypass 1 1/4" TLV Kit

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The TLV helps prevent the boiler temperature from dropping below a specified temperature by bypassing the heat load and rerouting water back to the furnace.

The TLV or Thermostatic Load Valve Kit is mandatory for EPA-approved gasification boilers. This kit diverts water back to the boiler if the water jacket temp is under 140 degrees. Without the TLV, your outdoor boiler will produce copious amounts of thick creosote and fail completely. Save yourself from the misery of many hours of weekly cleaning with the TLV Kit.

Customers need the TLV Kit when their furnace is producing too much creosote. ALL gasification furnaces (also known as "High-Efficiency Outdoor Boilers") must have a TLV Kit mandatory. Any furnace that uses antifreeze, and/or is not used for any part of the heating season MUST also have a TLV kit.

The TLV is installed inside the heated building to allow heated water to continue to flow through underground pipes and prevent freezing.

(Note that the TLV Kit is mandatory for all High-Efficiency Outdoor Boiler installations to maintain warranty coverage.)

This kit includes the fittings and all components necessary for installation (listed below).

The Thermostatic Load Valve ("TLV") is a mandatory component of all High-Efficiency Outdoor Boiler installations and is recommended for ALL outdoor boiler installations. Its purpose is to ensure that the outdoor boiler water jacket temp never falls below 140 degrees. Contact OutdoorBoiler.com for TLV installation instructions.

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