Outdoor Boiler PAP to PEX Adapter Kit

Outdoor Boiler PAP to PEX Adapter Kit

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If a portion of your Outdoor boiler installation contains PAP tubing, but you are adding PEX tubing components, you will need to obtain this PAP to PEX Adapter Kit.

A common application is when an outdoor boiler owner has PAP tubing installed in the basement portion of his system and then later learns he needs to add a filter to the circulation loop. Now that PEX tubing is the gold standard (and PAP is no longer commonly used), an adapter is required to make the connection between the PAP and the PEX tubing.

This kit contains the necessary components to make two connections as will be needed to add a Filter Kit, a Domestic Hot Water Kit, a Fill Kit, or to connect new Insulated PEX line to an indoor PAP installation.


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