3 Ways You Are Slowly Destroying Your Firebox Door, And Don't Realize It!

Firebox doors require special care. They are complicated, they contain sensitive components, and if your firebox door is damaged, the entire system is compromised

The following are 3 ways you may be damaging your firebox door:

1. Too Much Wood / Too Close To Door - This will WARP your door, and the door frame. If the wood, coals and ash are too close to the door, then the air from your blower will be forced back towards the door. Once that wood starts to burn, the air blowing back at the door contains FLAMES directed at the door which will warp the door and door frame steel. 

RECOMMENDATION: Keep firewood, coals and ash at least 8 inches back from the INSIDE of the front firebox wall.

2. Too Much Moisture - Don't be THAT guy who says "This is not my problem - my firewood is dry and well-seasoned!"  Even the most seasoned firewood still has 15-20% moisture - and that is a LOT of water!  Ideally, that moisture all leaves the firebox in the form of steam, but in reality, some of that moisture will condense on cool surfaces and into the dry ash.  The door and door frame are the coolest surfaces (not possible to avoid) so you will have moisture there.

RECOMMENDATION: Follow the "DRY BURN" procedure every day to dry out your firebox. Do NOT add more firewood to your boiler until the previous load has burned down to coals in the DRY BURN state for at least 2 hours. Read more about the "DRY BURN" procedure at this link HERE.

3. Not Replacing That Old Door Gasket - Most people replace their door gaskets every 2-3 years. Old door gaskets will cause the door frame to leak, rust, and corrode, and they will cause you to waste firewood! Door gaskets can be replaced any time of year, even during the Winter operating season.

RECOMMENDATION: If you have not replaced your door gasket in 2-3 years, order one today by clicking HERE, or call our office at (231) 861-8200. And don't forget the High Temp Caulk which is also needed for this simple maintenance item.  Simple 4-Step Instructions on how to replace the door gasket are found at this link HERE.

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Please avoid these "Door Killers" and your boiler will stay healthy for decades, allowing you to Turn UP Your Thermostat, Stay Warm, and Save Money on Your Heating Bills!