Can You Overfill Your Outdoor Furnace with Wood?

Can You Overfill Your Outdoor Furnace with Wood?

Can you add TOO MUCH wood to your boiler on a super cold night? Or at any time? The answer is always YES. 

Here are the Top 4 things to remember:

  1. Never allow wood, coals, or ash to be within 8 inches of the inside of the front door frame.
  2. Do not fill the boiler above three-quarters of the height of the door frame.
  3. Remember to burn the wood down to hot coals on every burn cycle.
  4. Follow the Dry Burn method to save wood, and extend the life of your boiler! Click HERE to learn this simple process.

(GX furnace owners, don't allow your wood/ash/coals to touch steel, only firebrick!)

These simple steps will save wood, increase efficiency, and extend the life of your boiler so you can enjoy decades of money-saving with your outdoor boiler!

Featured Product:

Boiler Pumps / Circulators

We have been selling pumps for use in hydronic heating for several decades and have probably sold more than 30,000 pumps. These are also called “Circulators” and that is the more accurate technical term, though most people just call them “Pumps”.

Regarding pumps, remember to have the correct size pump. We carry two standard sizes of pumps. The larger pump is the standard for installation and it is a 1/6 hp pump.

This pump is strong and powerful and will handle most applications. While we are happy to provide an analysis of the pump size needed, more than 95 percent of our calculations show that the 1/6 hp pump is needed.

The smaller pump is only 1/25 hp and will work for only a few home installations if the distance between the boiler and building is less than 75 feet and there are only 2 bottlenecks (such as one filter, and one heat exchanger).

However, most home installations have three bottlenecks - a filter, a domestic hot water plate heat exchanger, and then a forced air heat exchanger. If you have three bottlenecks and/or more than 75 feet of underground pipe, stay with the larger 1/6 hp pump. Both pumps are available on the page below.

When do you need MORE power than only ONE of our strongest 1/6 hp pumps?  Good question. If you are pushing water more than 150 feet and going through more than three bottlenecks, you may need more power...BUT there is a right way to get that power and many wrong ways!

DO NOT add a pump inside the building! This seems logical, but it does not work - this pump will get air locked and fail.  Also, DO NOT think you can use a larger pump.

The PROPER way to get more power, is to "Daisy-Chain" together with two of our special 1/6 hp hydronic circulators. Two pumps are "Daisy-Chained" together by simply connecting them to one another so they boost one another and provide the flow strength needed.

 And they must be located together at the back of the outdoor boiler so that they are always primed. Remember, their goal is to “circulate” the water through the entire loop, and this “Daisy-Chain” configuration is the only method recommended by the manufacturer and all hydronic experts. Learn more.

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