EPA Rules on Outdoor Boilers Change in 2020


The laws on Outdoor Boilers are changing again. Here is what you need to know:

1. What are the new laws?
2. When do they take effect?
3. How can we protect ourselves?

First, the new laws are taking effect this Winter (early 2020). This assumes our efforts to fight these laws fail. The White House is supportive, but the EPA is fighting change. We are still fighting these new rules, but we need to be prepared in case we lose our battle.

These new laws will prohibit the sale of new "High Efficiency" outdoor boilers.  Oddly, these new rules even prohibit outdoor boilers that have previously passed the 2016 EPA standards! Here we go again.

How can we protect ourselves? 

One way to be ready for new rules is to make changes before those rules go into effect. Our Constitution grants us protection from harm by new laws, as long as we establish ourselves before new laws are enacted. 

So for example if new laws are passed on car emissions, when those laws go into effect, you cannot be forced to stop driving your car. Likewise, if you have an outdoor boiler installed before these new rules take effect, you can use that boiler forever!

So the best ways to protect yourself are as follows:

1. If you are thinking about purchasing a new outdoor boiler, BUY IT NOW!
2. If you already have an outdoor boiler, take very good care of it and make it last forever!

Thankfully, our goal at OutdoorBoiler.com is to help you Stay Toasty Warm and Comfortable for Decades, and the way we do that is help you maintain your boiler in top condition!

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All the Best,

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