Hawken Furnaces by OutdoorBoiler.com

Hawken Furnaces by OutdoorBoiler.com Startup Procedures:

Please observe the following steps when starting the furnace:

  1. Observe all safety precautions
  2. Ensure that the installation has been completed properly.
  3. Make sure the furnace is full of water. Verify this with the water level indicator AND by filling the furnace until water flows out of the vent tube on the roof peak.
  4. Make sure the furnace water has been properly treated with authorized water treatment.
  5. Open all valves. Allow 5 minutes for water to fill pump and system.
  6. Turn on power and make sure pump is running. Never operate furnace without the pump fully circulating water.
  7. Make sure fan switch is operational. Fan switch is located on the front of the furnace under a flip cover. Turning the fan switch to the ON position (up) will turn off the loading light, and turn on the blower fan in the door. Turning the fan switch to the OFF position (down) will turn off the blower fan, and turn on the loading light.
  8. Set the Aquastat located in the rear of the furnace (towards the top) to 180 degrees F. Remove the grey cover to the Aquastat and verify that the temperature differential dial (on right side) is set to 20. This will cause the furnace to automatically shut off the blower fan when it senses furnace water temperature of 180 degrees, and turn on the blower fan when the water temperature drops to 160 degrees.
  9. Build a small fire in the firebox, and allow furnace temperature to rise SLOWLY.
  10. When the temperature reaches 170 degrees, the furnace is ready to be filled to capacity for full operation.

    Hawken Furnaces by OutdoorBoiler.com Shut Down Procedures:

    Please observe the following steps when shutting down the furnace:

    1. Observe all safety precautions.
    2. Allow time for the fire and coals to completely burn out.
    3. Empty all the ashes and lightly scrape out the firebox to remove all ashes.
    4. Fill the system with water until it is completely full.
    5. Flush and clean the filter.
    6. Make sure the proper water treatment procedure is followed.
    7. Make sure the chimney cap is in place to prevent rainwater from entering firebox.
    8. If you have a forced air furnace with a second thermostat controlling your indoor furnace blower fan, be sure to turn off the power to this thermostat.