Outdoor Furnace: Spare Parts to Keep on Hand

Outdoor Furnace: Spare Parts to Keep on Hand

We've had many readers asking us what parts they should keep on hand in case something breaks down. The simple design of an outdoor wood boiler means that there are very few parts that could actually stop your furnace from operating and these don't go bad very often. 

However, your outdoor wood burning boiler is designed to outlast the electronics so you should keep the following spare parts on hand:

  • Blower Fan
  • Pump
  • Solenoid
  • High Limit Switch
  • Aquastat (optional) 

Your outdoor wood furnace may be getting older. This means that the electronics are wearing out. Again, all outdoor wood burners are designed to outlast their electronics so these parts will most likely fail during the life of your outdoor boiler. You just never know when they will fail - it could be Christmas morning! 

An electronic component could also fail when the temps are below zero and other critical components will freeze and be destroyed before spare parts can arrive! Get these spare parts now before it is too late, and while supplies are easily available.

Remember, the solenoid and high limit switch are standard for almost all brands of outdoor boilers. For more information on these components, click HERE for the solenoid, and click HERE for the high limit switch. The blower fan, however, is often model-specific so be sure to get the correct blower fan to match your model of furnace. Click HERE for more information on standard fans we carry at our online store.

The Aquastat most commonly used for traditional outdoor wood stoves is found by clicking HERE, and this meets specifications for all HE, GH, GHR, BHR, and many other model furnaces. Many other boilers including the GX models and many Woodmaster model furnaces use an electronic Aquastat that is found by clicking HERE


Regarding circulating pumps, remember to have the correct size. We carry two standard sizes of pumps. The larger pump is the standard for installation and it is a 1/6 hp pump. This boiler pump is strong and powerful and will handle most applications.

The smaller pump will work for some home installations if the distance between the boiler and building is less than 75 feet and there are only 2 bottlenecks (such as one filter, and one heat exchanger). 

Most home installations have three bottlenecks - a filter, a domestic hot water plate heat exchanger, and then a forced air heat exchanger. If you have three bottlenecks and/or more than 75 feet of underground pipe, stay with the larger 1/6 hp pump. Both pumps are available through our online store HERE.

 Although not part of the spare parts kit, there are two other parts worth having in case of a malfunction. The 3-way switch on the front of the furnace may occasionally fail and keep the furnace from operating properly. This is a normal 3-way switch that can easily be purchased from any hardware store.

As always, feel free to call the experts at Outdoor Boiler Care with any questions you may have! We can make your purchase of Spare Parts easy so just call us!  Click HERE for more information on how to Contact Us!

More outdoor wood boiler parts are available at our online store OutdoorBoiler.com!

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