How Efficient are Outdoor Wood Furnaces?

How Efficient are Outdoor Wood Furnaces?


Outdoor Wood Furnaces has been keeping families toasty warm for decades already. But now more than ever, using outdoor wood boilers is beyond question the best alternative for heating American homes as the price of electricity and natural gas is unceasingly rising. But...

How Efficient are Outdoor Wood Furnaces?

Outdoor wood furnace efficiency ratings are measured in many ways and this can be deceptive. Some rating methods are hard to understand. Most commonly, “efficiency” is measured based on “What percent of BTUs in the fuel goes into your building?” With all fuels, some of the heat from the fuel must go up the chimney to eliminate contaminants, but this “lost heat” needs to be minimized. If 100,000 BTUs of wood fuel is put into an outdoor furnace, and 80,000 BTUs of heat are sent to the home, then that outdoor furnace efficiency can be rated at 80%. Most of the high-efficiency outdoor boilers achieve 80% or more efficiency.

How to Make Your Outdoor Wood Furnace more efficient?

The quality of woods you burn will affect the efficiency of your outdoor furnace. The energy stored in various types of wood can vary significantly. Also, another factor that affects the available heating BTUs in your wood is its moisture content. ​Freshly cut green wood contains up to 50% moisture. That means that 50% of the weight of the wood is water.

When you try to burn green wood, you must first use up your precious BTUs from your fire to boil off the water in greenwood. Those are BTUs that could have gone into your home but instead are wasted. But properly seasoned wood contains only 20% moisture.


So the 3 Most Important Steps are as follows: 

  1. Split
  2. Stack
  3. Cover

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