HOW TO MAX the RETENTION VALUE of your Outdoor Boiler - and - Minimize Depreciation

Every asset you own will eventually depreciate (except land), but there are important things you can do so your assets HOLD THEIR VALUE, and don't depreciate quickly. Consider the following recommendations:

1. Buy Good Initial Quality
2. Do Routine Maintenance
3. Use Only Factory-Recommended Parts and Supplies
4. Follow Recommended Operating Guidelines and Standards

If you do these things with all your assets, you are likely the type of person who creates value, invests wisely, and enjoys a wonderful standard of living. Nice!

This relates to your outdoor boiler too!  Our goal at is to help you enjoy a wonderful life. So, we have provided tremendous resources for your efforts. One of these tools is our "Definitive Outdoor Boiler Ownership Guide" found here

Another tool we have just recently released is our "Summer Shutdown Checklist - New and Improved for 2019" (attached below). Follow these guidelines and you will create value, and enjoy a wonderful standard of living! 

And of course, we have our articles and other resources listed here. Just remember that is the Ultimate Resource For Your Outdoor Boiler.

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