Annual Sediment Flush: How to Protect Your Outdoor Boiler from Sediment Damage - The "Secret Killer" of Outdoor Boilers

The secret killer that might destroy your furnace, and how to protect your outdoor furnace from this threat! 

What is this “Secret Killer”, and how can I stop it?

 First, the best news is that the process of protecting your outdoor furnace from this secret killer is absolutely FREE. And it takes only about 5 minutes per year.

 The Secret Killer is SEDIMENT. It builds up in your furnace water. It can be corrosive and cause damage. Even if you properly use the water treatment, sediment can build up in your furnace water and cause problems.


 "Annual Sediment Flush"

The fix is simple: Just open the drain in the bottom rear of your furnace for a few seconds until the water runs clear. It may appear like muddy water at first, but in most cases, it will run clear after only a few seconds.  If your water does not run clear, you will need to completely flush your system, but this is rare.


GX Model furnace owners need to flush BOTH rear drains.


We recommend that you take this simple step each year when you collect your water sample to send to the for your FREE water analysis testing.  Be sure to flush out the sediment before you collect the sample.


Remember that all outdoor furnace systems must have a high temperature water filter. This is your first line of defense against the damaging effects of sediment. If you did not obtain a filter when your furnace system was installed, please contact us, or visit for more information.

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