Summer Shutdown Procedure

Prepare For Summer Shutdown: 

Make Sure You Have Everything On This Checklist
To Prepare For Summer Shutdown!! 

Summer Shutdown time is coming!  Here is a simple checklist of items you will need to prepare your furnace to be off for the summer months: 

1. Shovel / Rake/ Hoe (or whatever tools you use to clean the firebox)
2. Shop Vac
3. Wire Brush for tube cleaning (GX Only - GX10 
HERE and GX15/30 HERE)
4. Flexible Rod tube cleaning tool 
(GX Series Only - available HERE)
Water Treatment (Available HERE or Click the Button Below)
6. Metal container for ashes
7. Door Seal Replacement Parts (if needed - Available HERE)

8. Door Seal Replacement Instructions (Found HERE)
9. Flat Head Screwdriver (if needed to remove old door seal)

10. Make sure your Chimney Cap is in place (If not, available HERE)
11. Wire brush for cleaning inside of chimney.

Click HERE for Full SUMMER SHUTDOWN Instructions

Note that these instructions did not include an important annual maintenance step listed in the owners manual: Remove the chimney cap and clean out the chimney with a wire brush. This step can be accomplished in the fall if preferred, but is a more logical part of the Summer Shutdown procedures.

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