NEW Important Info On Outdoor Wood Boiler Filter Cartridges

NEW Important Info On Outdoor Wood Boiler Filter Cartridges

We are well aware that we are constantly growing and developing! Filter cartridges are an important part of all outdoor boiler systems, and we now have decades of experience with them. We have some crucial new information regarding your filter cartridge to share with you 

Our biggest finding is that the mesh screen can get damaged EASILY if brushed with any form of wire brush, or metal scrubbing tool. The life of the cartridge can be reduced to only one season if cleaned harshly. Also, NEVER use any strong cleaning solvents on the filter cartridge (these don't affect the stainless steel, but do affect the seals on the edges). 

Do Filter Cartridges Wear Out?

This is an important question that many people are not familiar with. The answer is YES! Many outdoor wood furnace owners are not aware that under normal use, FILTER CARTRIDGES MUST BE REPLACED EVERY 4-5 YEARS!!

We STILL have customers calling us about sediment buildup in the bottom of their outdoor furnace. They try to flush it out, but it continues to accumulate!

They tell us that even with faithful cleaning of the filter cartridge, AND THE WATER LOOKS CLEAR, they ask why is there still sediment buildup in the bottom of the boiler? 

We then discover that they have NEVER replaced the filter cartridge and their outdoor wood stove is often more than 5 years old. 

The life expectancy of a filter cartridge is approximately 4-5 years, but may be less in some cases. If your filter captures large quantities of fine particulates, the stainless steel micron surface of the filter gets thinned out and allows larger particulates of sediment to pass. Also, the seals on the edges of the filter can fail and also allow copious amounts of sediment to pass. This is definitely not good! 

Remember that sediment is the "Secret Killer" of Outdoor Wood Burning Boilers. Of course, more sediment is the last thing you want in your heating system.

Read HERE for our article about how bad sediment build-up can be to your wood boiler.

The good news is that these cartridges are not expensive. You can just order a replacement and you will no longer get any sediment buildup in your outdoor wood burner!

So be sure to replace your filter cartridge every 4-5 years. Just click HERE for more info on the filter cartridge. 

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