Test Your IQ - Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler Style

Test Your IQ - Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler Style


An outdoor wood boiler (OWB) is a wood-burning furnace, stove, or boiler. Water stoves and wood-fired hydronic heaters are other names for them.

These units are normally positioned outside the house or any building, and it is advised that they be installed at least 30 feet away from the furnace-served building and 100 feet away from any building not serviced by the furnace.

Outdoor wood stoves are actually quite simple. They are simple to install and require little upkeep. Although you have your owner's manual with your own outdoor wood stove, it might take some time to figure out how everything operated.

Even if the majority of individuals don't have that problem or are more aware of outdoor wood furnaces than others, there are still a few elements that outdoor boiler owners may overlook. Of course, specifics vary by brand and feature, but there are some general guidelines.

Additionally, you must regularly check to ensure that the water jacket is fully loaded. Remember that if you don't have enough water on your water jacket, you won't have enough heat! Replacement of deteriorating or damaged parts is part of further furnace maintenance.

Do you know the answers to these questions?

1. Do you know the MOST important summer prep steps? 

 - Just follow the Summer Shutdown Checklist.

Complete this checklist even if you want to keep your outdoor wood boiler going all summer. Keep in mind that if you use your outdoor wood burner throughout the summer, you'll need to take extra steps to keep your boiler safe.

2. What are the biggest risks for Summer damage to your outdoor boiler?

- Great corrosion happens during summer! Never leave your boiler system completely full of properly treated water. Make sure to treat your water with our Liquid Armor for your boiler water treatment and submit your water sample to the Outdoor Boiler Lab.

For further instructions and more information click HERE.

- NEVER leave ash in your boiler during the summer. Remove ALL ash, and scrape the firebox completely clean.

More information on Ash Removal can be found HERE.

3. How do you keep your boiler updated with the most critical replacement parts?

- Replace filter O-Rings every two years. (Click HERE for our product)

- Use a chimney extension for longer boiler life. (Click HERE for available insulated chimney extensions.)

- Replace the filter cartridge every 4 years. (Click HERE for filter cartridge replacement.)

- Completely flush boiler every 4 years. (Click HERE for more info on COMPLETE flush)

- Replace the door seal every 2-3 years. (Click HERE for our product)

Some Frequently Asked Questions are as follows:

*Why should I use seasoned wood?

The better seasoned the wood is, the less moisture it contains. The higher the moisture content the lower the amount of BTU available for heat. If this happens you'll need more wood, have to fill the furnace more regularly, and clean it more frequently.

*Do I have to worry about my outdoor wood furnace system freezing?

No. With 180-degree water, the system will never freeze as long as the outdoor furnace is running and the pump is working. Even without wood, the furnace will absorb some heat from the indoor loop further preventing freezing.

*Can I leave my furnace over the weekend?

You may have someone "feed" your furnace for you or you may lower the thermostat temperature

*Do I have to drain my furnace if I'm away for a long time?

No, as long as you have filled the furnace, added the proper amount of water treatment & keep the pump circulating the water.

*Should I use Antifreeze in my furnace?

We don't recommend it since antifreeze is too expensive. But you may use antifreeze. You just have to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for the ratio. However, antifreeze reduces efficiency.

More FAQs can be found HERE. You can also visit our website OutdoorBoiler.com for more outdoor wood boiler parts.