Test Your IQ - Outdoor Boiler Style

By:Paul Eder

Test Your IQ - Outdoor Boiler Style

Do you know the answers to these questions?

1. Do you know the MOST important summer prep steps
 - Just follow the Summer Prep Checklist 

2. What are the biggest risks for Summer damage to your outdoor boiler?
- Summer is when great corrosion happens! Never leave your boiler completely full of properly treated water.
- NEVER leave ash in your boiler during the summer. Remove ALL ash, and scrape the firebox completely clean.

3. How do you keep your boiler updated with the most critical replacement parts?
- Replace filter O-Rings every two years, 
- Use a chimney extension for longer boiler life
- Replace filter cartridge every 4 years,
- Completely flush boiler every 4 years
- Replace door seal every 2-3 years