Pros and Cons of Burning in Outdoor Wood Boiler in Summer Months


As temperatures rise and the days grow longer, many homeowners start to wonder if it's necessary to keep their outdoor furnace running during the summer. While you might prefer to spend your days relaxing on the porch or going on camping trips without worrying about extra tasks, there are practical reasons that might justify continuing to operate your outdoor wood boiler through the warmer months. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining your boiler during summer, focusing on important aspects such as boiler water treatment, circulation pump, creosote remover and overall furnace maintenance to help you make a well-informed decision.

Pros of Keeping Your Outdoor Wood Boiler Running in Summer

1. Consistent Boiler Water Treatment

Summer operation helps maintain the water chemistry of your boiler. Just as an unused pool can gather algae, an idle boiler can develop internal corrosion if the water isn't properly treated. Keeping the boiler active ensures the water treatment chemicals remain circulated and effective, preventing rust and scale build-up. This is crucial because untreated water can lead to significant damage over time, resulting in expensive repairs or even the need for a complete replacement of the boiler system.

Water Treatment

2. Extended Lifespan of the Circulation Pump

Regular use of your boiler's circulation system can actually extend its lifespan. These pumps are designed for movement, and when idle, seals may dry out and the impeller could seize. Keeping the pump running ensures that the parts stay lubricated and operational, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions when you need the boiler most. Continuous operation prevents the mechanical parts from sticking and ensures that the circulation system remains in peak condition, ready to handle the demands of the heating season when it returns.

3. Ready for Unexpected Cold Snaps

If you live in a region where the weather can be unpredictable, keeping your outdoor wood boiler running means you're prepared for sudden temperature drops. It's not uncommon for a chilly night to sneak up even in mid-summer, and with your boiler already running, your home will stay cozy without the rush to reactivate your heating system. This can be particularly important for maintaining comfort and safety, especially for households with vulnerable members such as the elderly or young children.

4. Preventing Stagnation

In addition to keeping the water chemistry balanced, running your boiler during the summer prevents stagnation in the system. Stagnant water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, which can result to unpleasant odors and potentially harmful conditions. By keeping the water moving, you ensure a healthier and more hygienic system.

5. Maintaining Overall System Health

Regular operation during the summer can contribute to the overall health of your boiler system. This includes not just the boiler itself, but all connected components such as pipes, valves, blower fans, and controls. Continuous use helps identify and address small issues before they become major problems, ensuring that the system remains in good working order throughout the year.

Cons of Keeping Your Outdoor Wood Boiler Running in Summer

1. Increased Fuel Consumption

Running your boiler through the summer can lead to unnecessary fuel use. Wood, while renewable, isn't always free, and burning it when there's little need for heating can feel wasteful and economically inefficient. The cost of procuring and storing wood can add up, especially when the benefits of running the boiler during warm weather are minimal compared to the expenses incurred.

2. Additional Maintenance

Summer operation means you won’t be taking a break from the regular maintenance chores associated with boiler upkeep. From cleaning out ash, cleaning filters, and using creosote remover. These tasks continue to demand your time and attention even when you’d rather be relaxing or enjoying summer activities. The continuous cycle of maintenance can be burdensome, taking away from the relaxed pace of summer and potentially interfering with other plans and commitments.


3. Heat Dump Issues

Operating an outdoor wood boiler in warmer months could lead to overheating issues within your system, especially if not properly configured to dissipate excess heat. This can stress your system components, from the outdoor wood boiler installation itself to the internal mechanisms, potentially leading to failures or inefficiencies. Overheating can cause damage to the boiler and connected systems, resulting in expensive repairs and downtime.

4. Potential for Unnecessary Wear and Tear

Running the boiler continuously through the summer can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the system. Components that would otherwise get a break might experience accelerated aging and degradation, reducing the overall lifespan of the boiler and its parts. This can lead to more frequent repairs and a higher likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.


The decision to keep your outdoor furnace burning throughout the summer is not one to be taken lightly. Weigh the pros and cons against your specific needs and local climate. If you choose to operate your boiler, ensure that your installation is up to date, and that you're consistently applying water treatment to prevent long-term damage. Regular checks and maintenance can help mitigate some of the potential downsides, making it possible to enjoy the benefits without suffering significant drawbacks.

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