At what temperature does PEX freeze?

At what temperature does PEX freeze?

For more than a decade, PEX—short for Cross-Linked Polyethylene—has been gaining popularity in both the residential market and commercial sector. It has also been overtaking copper and CPVC because of its flexibility compared to copper and although PEX might freeze, unlike PVC, it would not burst.

In general, PEX would freeze when surrounding temperatures reach 20 degrees Fahrenheit—especially if the water line is uninsulated. There is no special product out there that would not freeze given the exact circumstance, however, the ability of PEX to handle freezing temperature without the fear of having a ruptured line is what makes it THE BEST! 

How to Thaw a Frozen PEX?

Should you have a frozen PEX pipe, you can use any handful of methods to thaw it. But one of the most common ways of thawing it is by using a hairdryer or space heater. Never use a propane torch because it might damage the pipe and use so can induce a risk of starting a fire. The length of the procedure would depend on the weather, how long the pipe has been frozen, and the location of the pipe but it typically takes around 30 minutes. Although it would take longer if the PEX is uninsulated.melted ice gif

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