Is the Chimney Cap of Your Outdoor Wood Furnace Stuck?

Have you ever removed the chimney cap of your outdoor wood furnace? Some people have NEVER removed their chimney cap. But you are supposed to remove it every year and clean out the inside of the chimney with a wire brush and a shop vac. If you have never removed it before, sometimes it is too late to save the chimney cap and since it must be removed from your outdoor wood boiler, it will get destroyed in the removal process.

If you do not remove the chimney cap of your outdoor wood furnace and clean out the chimney annually, you shorten the life of your outdoor wood boiler by half. It is a simple process, but critical to the longevity of your outdoor wood boiler. Remember that thick layers of ash and creosote will absorb moisture, and that forms a caustic paste that will eat through the steel of your outdoor wood boiler. Sometimes when this critical maintenance step gets ignored, the outdoor wood boiler will develop leaks and the firebox fills with water.

So here is what we recommend: 

1. Remove the chimney cap once per year and be sure to remove any extensions also to access the inner chimney.

2. You MUST clean out the inside of the chimney with a wire brush. 
3. Use a shop vac to get rid of all the ash and creosote that will be in that area. 
4. Use a D-Plate Brush (available HERE) to clean out the air channel above the firebox.

This will keep your outdoor wood boiler from developing leaks in this top section, which are quite hard to access for repairs. And this will enable YOU to be able to Keep Your Family Toasty Warm and Comfortable for Decades!