How Deep Should Insulated PEX Pipe Be Buried?

PEX 101: How deep should Insulated PEX pipe be buried?

Burying PEX Pipe Underground - Best Practices

You just bought Underground Insulated PEX Pipe and you wanted to make sure you install it properly. After all, you paid a huge amount for that investment.

When it comes to installing underground PEX pipe, proper techniques are crucial for a long-lasting and efficient system.

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipe or PEX underground is a versatile and durable plumbing material suitable for underground installations. It offers excellent resistance to corrosion, freezing, and scaling, making it an ideal choice for various scenarios.

One way of making sure that you get a lot out of this investment is by making sure that you bury it underground DEEP ENOUGH. So the big question is:


Can you use PEX underground? Yes, PEX pipes can be buried underground. However, it's important to follow local building codes and guidelines to ensure compliance and the longevity of your plumbing system.
To ensure optimal performance and protection against external factors, it is essential to bury insulated PEX pipe at the appropriate depth. The answer to the question if can pex pipe be buried is YES but there are recommendations that we need to consider. The recommended burial depth may vary depending on factors such as climate, soil conditions, and local building codes. We will explore these considerations in detail, enabling you to make informed decisions for your specific project.

  • 2 ft. Underground

Normally, you would bury your underground insulated PEX pipe 2 feet deep (24 inches). This is the right depth for burial for most ground types. Just be diligent enough to backfill it with soil that is not rocky or preferably sand.

Our Insulated PEX 1" – Heat Mizer Brand (for the non-pressurized systems) and Insulated PEX O2 Barrier 1" – Heat Mizer Brand (for pressurized systems) are the best for this application.

  • 4 ft. Underground
If your underground insulated PEX pipe will be installed underneath a driveway where lots of cars and heavy trucks will be driving over it, then we recommend that you bury your PEX pipe 4 feet (48 inches) underground. You can still use our Insulated PEX 1" – Heat Mizer Brand as long as you bury it at least 4 feet deep and put that portion of the underground pipe inside a 5 or 6-inch diameter conduit. Normally, this conduit would be a product called PVC. 

However, IF YOU WANT TO BURY YOUR PEX PIPE 2 FEET UNDERGROUND IN SPITE OF IT BEING BURIED UNDER DRIVE, you can use our heavy-duty Insulated PEX ULTRA 1"- Heat Mizer Brand. Our ULTRA pipe can withstand hefty pressure.

Tips for Burying PEX Pipe Underground

1. Selecting the Right Type of PEX Pipe
Choosing the correct type of PEX for underground water supply is crucial. We will discuss the different variants available and highlight the features and benefits of each. Understanding these options will help you make an informed decision based on your project requirements. Read more here: What Type of PEX is the Best to Use for Your Outdoor Wood Furnace? PEX A or PEX B?

2. Proper preparation for Underground PEX Installation
Proper preparation is key to a successful underground PEX pipe installation. Following these guidelines will ensure a smooth installation process. Read this article: Underground Pipe - 5 Ways to NOT Waste Money.

Burying PEX underground requires careful planning and execution. By following the guidelines in installing underground pex pipe outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can ensure a successful installation that meets the highest standards. Remember to adhere to local building codes and consult professionals when needed. Enjoy the benefits of using PEX for your underground water supply system or other applications.

Ready to install PEX pipe underground? Take the first step toward a reliable plumbing system. Contact our experts today for personalized advice and assistance with your project. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the durability and versatility of PEX pipe for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ 1: Can PEX be buried outside?
Yes, and PEX pipe can be buried underground. However, it's important to follow local building codes and guidelines to ensure compliance and the longevity of your plumbing system.

FAQ 2: Can PEX Tubing Be Buried Outside?
While PEX tubing can be buried outside, it's essential to protect it from UV rays. UV exposure can degrade the material over time, leading to potential issues.

FAQ 3: Can I Bury PEX Pipe Underground for an Underground Water Supply?
PEX pipe is commonly used for underground water supply systems due to its flexibility, durability, and resistance to freezing and corrosion. We will outline the benefits of using PEX for underground water supply and discuss the necessary considerations for a successful installation.