PEX 101: How deep should Insulated PEX pipe be buried?

PEX 101: How deep should Insulated PEX pipe be buried?

You just bought an Underground Insulated PEX Pipe and you wanted to make sure you install it properly. After all, you paid a huge amount for that investment. One way of making sure that you get a lot out of this investment is by making sure that you bury it underground DEEP ENOUGH. So the big question is:


2 ft. Underground

Normally, you would bury your underground insulated PEX pipe 2 feet deep (24 inches). This is the right depth for burial for most ground types. Just be diligent enough to backfill it with soil that is not rocky or preferably sand.

Our Insulated PEX 1" – Heat Mizer Brand (for the non-pressurized systems) and Insulated PEX O2 Barrier 1" – Heat Mizer Brand (for pressurized systems) are the best for this application.

4 ft. Underground

If your underground insulated PEX pipe will be installed underneath a driveway where lots of cars and heavy trucks will be driving over it, then we recommend that you bury your PEX pipe 4 feet (48 inches) underground. You can still use our Insulated PEX 1" – Heat Mizer Brand as long as you bury it at least 4 feet deep and put that portion of the underground pipe inside a 5 or 6-inch diameter conduit. Normally, this conduit would be a product called PVC. 

However, IF YOU WANT TO BURY YOUR PEX PIPE 2 FEET UNDERGROUND IN SPITE OF IT BEING BURIED UNDER DRIVE, you can use our heavy-duty Insulated PEX ULTRA 1"- Heat Mizer Brand. Our ULTRA pipe can withstand hefty pressure.

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