Understanding the Benefits of Underground PEX Pipe

Understanding the Benefits of Underground PEX Pipe


You've just spent a lot of money on buying a new outdoor wood furnace. So, you want to get a great return on that investment by using reliable installation products to complete your whole system.

As you consider your options, you will quickly realize that the best way to transfer the heat generated by your outdoor furnace to your home (or other building) will be through Underground Insulated PEX.

You will want to choose an Insulated PEX product that gives you the following benefits:

  • Simple Installation
  • Minimum Heat Loss
  • Low Cost
  • High Quality to Outlast the Life of the Building Getting Heat

The biggest problem to avoid with Insulated PEX is losing heat underground. The earth will absorb an infinite amount of heat, so if you don't have a high-quality pre-insulated PEX pipe for your outdoor furnace, and you lose heat into the ground all winter long, you will not achieve a good return on your investment. 

What is PEX pipe?

Outdoor Boiler PEX Tubing

What is PEX pipe?

PEX, short for cross-linked polyethylene tubing, is a type of plastic that is commonly used in the market. It is now among the most popularly used product in hot and cold water supply piping systems. Compared to copper, PVC, and galvanized steel plumbing pipes, PEX has many advantages in addition to its low cost. PEX is a flexible pipe that is easier to install than rigid tubing and has a high heat resistance and long-term durability. 

What Are The Benefits of Underground Insulated PEX

Insulated PEX provides several benefits: fast installation, corrosion resistance, excellent quality, and the highest long-term savings. Because of the ease of installation, you can save money on labor, long-term care, and maintenance. 

PEX is also more resistant to freezing damage than copper or PVC pipe because it is made of a soft and flexible material. It does not corrode, which can happen with both copper and steel pipes which can lead to leaks and contamination of the water supply.

Does PEX Pipe Need To be Insulated?

Although PEX pipes are more resistant to freezing temperatures than other pipe materials, they are not freeze-proof! They can freeze and potentially burst when temperatures drop below freezing. 

Outdoor Boiler Insulated PEX Pipe


Insulation can prevent the pipe from freezing and bursting. It also prevents your PEX from damage that could lead to leaks. Locating a leak in an underground pipe can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. It is better to prevent the leak from occurring in the first place. 

We have seen some DIY installations that attempted to create insulation with spray foam and other creative methods to insulate PEX underground. TRUST US when we tell you, that these are costly and ALL FAIL. We spent many years innovating to find and create the best quality Insulated PEX at the lowest cost.  

The World's Best Insulated PEX

Our Heat Mizer Insulated Underground PEX tubing has a perfect performance record. After 14 years, we have sold over 4 million feet of pipe, and ZERO FAILURES! Almost no other product can make this claim. 

We use polyethylene closed cell foam insulation material which is water-resistant and has a chemical additive that boosts the foam's thermal efficiency by roughly 40%. Because of this substance, you get 40% more insulation than other insulated pipes on the market.

Our Heat Mizer Insulated PEX pipe underground is very flexible and can bend up to 18-inch radius. This is one of the major advantages of our Heat Mizer pipe over foam-filled pipe. That also removes the need for several elbows and other transition fittings, saving money and time during installation. 

How To Get The Best Value On Underground Insulated PEX Pipe? Heat Mizer Brand!

We are confident that there is no better Underground Insulated PEX available at ANY price, and that this product has been designed to outperform all other products with the following benefits:

Outdoor Boiler Underground Insulated PEX

  • Forever Waterproof design
  • Lowest Heat Loss Ever - Less than one degree of heat loss over 200 feet!
  • Industry Leading Warranty - Full Replacement Coverage, including LABOR!
  • Perfect Performance Record - Over 1 Million Sold and ZERO Failures
  • Extremely durable
  • Best QUALITY, Best PRICE, Best VALUE!
  • You can purchase this at WHOLESALE PRICE and save more! Note that the retail price per foot is $11.45, but your wholesale price is much lower.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SHOP NOW

Watch the video below and learn more about the best Insulated PEX!


Our warranty offers a full replacement of your insulated PEX, PLUS a labor reimbursement if your product fails in the first five years. Nobody else in the entire industry offers such a robust warranty – we obviously believe in our product.

All Rolls of this Product is Sold "By the Foot” – UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. If you need 137 feet of insulated PEX, we will not force you to buy a 150’ roll. All rolls are custom-made and shipped normally in 2-3 days.

Unless otherwise specified, the price shown is the product price BY THE FOOT. The minimum length that you can order is 50 feet and the longest one cut is 490 feet. If you need 187 feet, please select the per-foot item, and order item quantity 187.

If the product is available in increments of 25’, and you need 100’, you should select that item and place your order for a quantity of 4 (four).

Do NOT buy Underground Insulated PEX Pipe without visiting this page HERE, or speaking with the experts at OutdoorBoiler.com. Call us at (231) 861-8200 and learn what the other companies don’t want you to hear!

Again, at WHOLESALE COST, our Heat Mizer pipe is the best value and the best quality pipe, and will be an investment that you will never regret!