PEX 101: How do you keep PEX from freezing in your attic?

PEX 101: How do you keep PEX from freezing in your attic?

How do you keep your PEX in the attic from freezing?

Wrap Style–Radiant Barrier Insulation is the answer!


The Wrap style–radiant barrier insulation uses polyethylene which is a durable closed-cell material with strong impact damping and chemical resistance characteristics. Its physical properties make it well suited to protecting PEX from cold weather while keeping the heat loss to less than a degree.


An independent team did a temperature loss test. The team found out that under a load of 63 500  BTU and 5 GPM, the PEX using a wrap style-radiant insulation only lost 0.87 degree F per 100 ft. The tests were done at a steady state at an average of 3 readings for each test.


It is not a secret that having to work with a flexible PEX in the attic is better than those that are not. Unlike foam-filled insulation, the radiant barrier insulation will give you more flexibility. At over 6 ft. you can already do a 180 degree to your PEX.


The radiant barrier insulation has long been used in the heating industry and it obviously is cheaper than other insulations. If you are looking for a PEX pipe that already has a radiant barrier pipe insulation, CLICK HERE to know the best insulated PEX pipe in the world! Or you can simply call our office at 231-861-8200 with any questions that you may have.