Three Major Reasons to have Outdoor Wood Furnace (A.C.E.)

Three Major Reasons to have Outdoor Wood Furnace (A.C.E.)

Who does not want a warm and comfortable home during winter? Nobody! Everybody wishes to have a pleasant abode in times the outside temperature is nearing negative. Americans have a lot of options to keep their families toasty warm, but most of these options are super expensive! But do not fret, a warm and comfortable home is not beyond your pocket.

OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACES can make your wishes come true. Outdoor wood furnaces are ACE when it comes to keeping your family toasty warm–Affordable, Convenient, and Effective.


Just like any other heating system, you would really invest an amount of money to purchase an outdoor wood furnace. However, the savings would come once your outdoor wood furnace starts operating. Why? It is because outdoor wood furnaces use firewoods. Wood has been the cheapest form of fuel since the beginning of recorded history and lucky us, firewoods fuel outdoor wood furnaces.

Surely, you will totally fall in love with your independence from the ever-increasing prices of oil, electricity, propane, and other fossil fuels.


Outdoor wood furnaces provide the most convenient way to burn firewood since it only needs to be loaded once or twice per day. And in exchange for that small effort, you get to have a cozy home, and (here’s the best part!) you can have an Unlimited Supply of Domestic Hot Water.

If you want to have access to endless hot water with your outdoor boiler, we have a very simple kit that makes this EASY! 

The Domestic Hot Water Kit contains all the fittings and parts needed! This kit also comes complete with simple installation instructions.


Outdoor wood furnaces efficiency ratings are measured in many ways and this can be deceptive. Some rating methods are hard to understand. Most commonly, “efficiency” is measured based on “What percent of BTUs in the fuel goes into your building?” With all fuels, some of the heat from the fuel must go up the chimney to eliminate contaminants, but this “lost heat” needs to be minimized. If 100,000 BTUs of wood fuel are put into an outdoor furnace, and 80,000 BTUs of heat are sent to the home, then that outdoor furnace efficiency can be rated at 80%. Most of the high-efficiency outdoor boilers achieve 80% or more efficiency.