The Advantages of Outdoor Wood Furnaces - Savings and Convenience

The Advantages of Outdoor Wood Furnaces - Savings and Convenience


If you are planning to purchase an Outdoor Wood Furnace (a big investment!), but you are not convinced of the value, we have the answer to this million-dollar question! Outdoor Wood Furnaces are DEFINITELY WORTH IT!  All studies show that the single cheapest way to heat any building is with firewood.

You can eliminate your monthly heating bill and this provides the most convenient way to burn firewood since it only needs to be loaded once or twice per day. Outdoor wood furnaces have been around for decades and have become a part of many American homes—keeping families toasty warm and comfortable for decades.

But first, what is an Outdoor Wood Furnace?

An outdoor wood furnace, also known as an outdoor wood stove or outdoor wood boiler, is a variant of the classic wood stove, but it is placed outdoors 100+ feet away from the home. The heat from the firewood is simply converted to hot water that transfers the heat to buildings.

How does an Outdoor Wood Furnace work?

An outdoor wood furnace is made up of four main parts—the firebox, the water jacket, the heat exchanger, and its weatherproof housing. Basically, the firebox and heat exchanger is surrounded by water (note: it should be properly treated water) which absorbs heat from the burning wood.

The heated water is circulated through Underground Insulated PEX to the building, where the heat is transferred from the water to a heat exchanger. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT TYPE OF HEATING SYSTEM YOU HAVE IN YOUR BUILDING!! An Outdoor Wood Furnace can interface with ANY type of heating system. Surely, outdoor wood boilers are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

What are the Advantages of having an Outdoor Wood Furnace?

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The use of firewood as a fuel source for heating is much older than civilization. Wood has been one of the cheapest forms of fuel since the beginning of recorded history. Also, as a renewable resource, wood is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and efficient.

And guess what! Since outdoor wood furnaces use firewood as their fuel, you will totally fall in love with your independence from ever-increasing prices of oil, electricity, propane, and other fossil fuels.

Add More Than $250,000 to Your Retirement

You are very wise to consider an Outdoor Wood Furnace. You are also an Independent American Patriot who knows how to save money. And if you make sure that this investment is well protected, you should be able to get 40 years out of your outdoor boiler. Some outdoor wood furnace owners calculate that they will add more than $250,000 to their retirement, just because of their outdoor boiler!

But how can yomoney gifu know if this investment is well protected? 

Remember that water destroys steel (rust corrosion), but we have the answer! Our Liquid Armor water treatment provides a lifetime of protection!  

If you don't use the proper water treatment, your furnace steel will corrode and become paper-thin. In just a few years, the steel will deteriorate and begin to leak, and your investment will be lost. It would be like buying a new car and driving it without oil in the engine.

This water treatment is called Certified Liquid Armor Water Treatment. Click here to know more about our Water treatment!

Unlimited Supply of Domestic Hot Water 

Everybody loves taking a long shower, and knowing it won’t show up on your utility bill—makes taking hot showers a lot more fun!  Just add maybe a log or two, and you get to enjoy this luxury.

If you want to have access to endless hot water with your outdoor boiler, we have a very simple kit that makes this EASY! 

The Domestic Hot Water Kit contains all the fittings and parts needeshowe gifd! This kit also comes complete with simple installation instructions.

An important part of the kit is a mixing valve that protects anyone from getting scalded by water that is too hot. Almost all locations have codes that require this safety feature so it is included as standard in the Kit.

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