How Quickly Will Freeze Damage Destroy Your Outdoor Furnace?

How Quickly Will Freeze Damage Destroy Your Outdoor Furnace?

The answer is this: Freeze Damage Can Destroy Your Outdoor Furnace Very Quickly - in some cases less than 24 hours!  Naturally, this depends on outdoor temperatures, wind, insulation, and many other factors; but if you have a catastrophic failure over the weekend, you may not be able to prevent freeze damage by the time you get replacement parts.

Remember, all outdoor boilers are designed to outlast their electronic components. Outdoor Boiler pumps, fans, solenoids, and high limit switches will all fail during the 20-40 year life of an outdoor boiler (perhaps a few times!).

An investment in the Emergency Preparedness kit will prevent a major disaster for you that could cost you thousands of dollars to fix. Remember, that these replacement parts will be needed eventually anyway, so SAVE YOURSELF from high-cost freeze damage!


Outdoor Boiler Emergency Preparedness Kit

Do NOT let this happen to you and your outdoor furnace! Get a replacement fan, pump, solenoid, and high limit switch today! 

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Be the HERO to your family and Be Prepared so you can keep your family warm with your outdoor boiler and save the expense of costly repairs.

(Please Note that we us the following terms interchangeably: Outdoor Furnace, Outdoor Wood Boiler, Outdoor Wood Stove, and Outdoor Wood Burner.)