Outdoor Boiler Summer Shutdown Preparation Guide


Summer Shutdown Preparation Guide

Here are the THREE items you need to do today:

1. Add two creosote sticks to your boiler fire 3-4 days before shutdown.

2. Make sure you set aside these 11 items from the PREP Checklist before you start:

Another successful Winter of saving money with your outdoor boiler is almost over. Awesome job! You invested, you prepared, you did the proper care and maintenance, and you added to your rippling biceps every day while adding fuel to the fire - Awesome!

Now for the most important CARE and Maintenance checklist of the year - "The New and Improved Ultimate Summer Shutdown Checklist".


If you plan to shutdown your boiler this weekend, there are THREE steps you need to take TODAY so that you don't waste time. If you are not prepared, you will not be able to complete the job when you want to (I hate that feeling!). 
1. Shovel / Rake/ Hoe (or whatever tools you use to clean the firebox)

2. Shop Vac

3. Wire Brush for tube cleaning (GX Only - GX10 HERE and GX15/30 HERE)

4. Flexible Rod tube cleaning tool (GX Series Only - available HERE)

5. Water Treatment (Available HERE)

6. Metal container for ashes

7. Door Seal Replacement Parts (if needed - Available HERE)

8. Door Seal Replacement Instructions (Found HERE)

9. Flat Head Screwdriver (if needed to remove old door seal)

10. Make sure your Chimney Cap is in place (If not, available HERE)

11. Wire brush for cleaning inside of chimney.