Outdoor Furnace Door Wire Conduit: Why You Need To Replace

Outdoor Furnace Door Wire Conduit: Why You Need To Replace

The electrical wires supplying power to the solenoid and blower fan in the door are protected by Door Wire Conduit.

It is located on the front right side of the outdoor furnace, between the door skin and the firebox door. This product is compatible with ALL HE, GH, and BHS outdoor wood stove models.

The Door Conduit is an essential component of all outdoor wood furnaces (except GX model furnaces) that protects the wires to the front door blower and solenoid. See the photo below.

Door Wire Conduct of an Outdoor Wood Boiler

 In order to check if there are any cracks or damages to your door wire conduit, it must be inspected regularly. If the door conduit fails, then the wires WILL FAIL, and your furnace will not run. Then it needs to be replaced immediately! Remember that exposed cables and wires might cause a fire danger.

Door Wire Conduit of an Outdoor Wood Furnace


Please inspect your door conduit NOW, and again every year. If there is any wear on the conduit, you can get a replacement door conduit by calling our office, or by clicking HERE

Replacing this conduit is simple and does not take very much time. So to summarize, the TOP 3 Reasons to Replace the DWC Now are the following:

1. If the door conduit fails, then the wires WILL FAIL, and your furnace will not run. You can get a replacement for your Door Wire Conduit HERE.

2. If you don't replace it, you run the risk of a FIRE, which could destroy your outdoor wood burning boiler.

3. The best time to do this repair is not during the dead of Winter - do it NOW while the weather is mild and you are not in a panic, risking freeze damage to your powerless outdoor boiler.

Other outdoor wood furnace parts that also need to be checked and replaced are as follows:

To protect your investment, keep high efficiency and guarantee that it lasts, you must take good care of your outdoor boiler and perform proper maintenance. You need to purchase replacement wood furnace parts as the components age out. This is a part of regular maintenance.

 In cold areas, wood boilers are a popular option for the heating system since they keep fires and smoke out of your home. OutdoorBoiler.com offers a variety of accessories, including customized kits, and other wood boiler parts to ensure that ALL parts are properly working to avoid more complicated issues.

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