Hundreds of Outdoor Furnaces Will Die From Stubbornness

Hundreds of Outdoor Furnaces Will Die From Stubbornness

Step 3 of 10 - 2019 Summer Shutdown Checklist

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You cannot see the inside of your water jacket, unless you have a cutting torch or a "Colonoscopy Camera". But... 

We have seen the inside of many water jackets. 

We know INSTANTLY if the owner was using Liquid Armor Outdoor Boiler Water Treatment. Here is what we see when a customer DOES NOT use proper water treatment, see NAKED PHOTOS:

Sediment Build-up
(Notice that nasty sediment buildup!)
Leaky Furnace
Leaky Furnace
And then this happens:
Leaky Furnace

An Outdoor Wood Furnace that leaks is USELESS.

Untreated water eats holes in steel. If you don't use Liquid Armor, your furnace will die. Liquid Armor protects your furnace from corrosion! Click HERE for your Liquid Armor. 

Good News:

Here is what a water jacket looks like on the inside that has been treated with Liquid Armor Water Treatment:

We want your furnace to last forever! Because once your outdoor wood stove dies, you cannot replace it! (Unless we get the EPA to reverse their regulations...)

Current EPA regulations prohibit you

from purchasing a new outdoor wood boiler! 

So if you don't want your outdoor wood boiler to die, follow these three simple steps:

1. Use Water Treatment

2. Get a FREE Water Analysis

3. Be Confident Knowing Your Furnace is Protected

Click HERE for simple instructions on how to use Liquid Armor Water Treatment.

Operating a Furnace FAQs:

  • Am I burning too much wood?

You may be. Is the wood properly seasoned? Have you cleared the firebox? High wood consumption can be caused by a number of factors.

  • If I don't use chemicals in the furnace water, what happens?

The water treatment coats the inside of your system and helps to slow down the development of rust and corrosion in your system.

  • Can I leave my furnace over the weekend?

You may have someone "feed" your furnace for you or you may lower the thermostat temperature.

Maintenance FAQs

  • Why is water treatment important?

The chemical (water treatment) coats the inside of the furnace to reduce the effects of corrosion on the metal. Click HERE to order our Liquid Armor Water Treatment.

  • How often do I need to Inspect my Chimney/Flue

Inspect chimney and flue monthly and clean as needed. Clean chimney and flue annually. Perform cleaning and maintenance only when no fire is present in the firebox and ashes are cooled completely.

  • What is the Importance of Catalyst in my GX Series Furnace?

Without or a damaged catalyst in place, the furnace will produce more fine particulate emissions and may run less efficiently.

  • How Important is the Door Rope/Seal?

Inspect door seal fire rope monthly or as needed. Make sure door seals properly to prevent air from entering furnace; this will cause the furnace to overheat and can cause serious damage to the furnace. If necessary, replace fire rope. If necessary, adjust door for proper fit.

Never operate the furnace with a fire in it with the door open, except for brief periods while loading wood or removing ash. When replacing fire rope or adjusting door for proper seal, be sure to remove any fuel from furnace to prevent overheating, since door may be open for more than a few minutes.


  • Why am I not getting hot water?

Check that the hot water system is connected properly. Check if the heat exchanger is partially or totally clogged.

  • Why does my furnace continue to burn when it is not operating?

Check the door seal, door adjustment, and solenoid.

  • What are the Common Pex Pipe Problems

Pex has its problems, however, and those should be understood when considering the piping.

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