Why Upgrade Your Home to Insulated Underground Pex?

Why Insulated PEX is Best for Your Outdoor Boiler Heating System?
An outdoor wood boiler burns firewood which is the lowest cost way to heat a home or building. Since an outdoor furnace burns firewood to heat water up to 180 degrees F, you need the best way to get that hot water from your outdoor boiler to your home and to any building you want to heat in order to avoid losing any of those precious BTUs. 
You don’t want to waste all the effort and time you have spent preparing your firewood and everything for the winter season, and only end up frustrated because you did not get the warmth that you expected. You also don’t want to end up heating the ground instead of heating your home.
What is the Best Option in Heating Your Home

What is the Best Option In Heating Your Home? 

PEX tubing is the ideal underground piping choice. Because PEX materials allow for expansion, PEX is resistant to freezing/cracking underground. 
PEX piping can be used for a variety of applications, including: 
  • Portable distribution systems or water supply lines
  • Applications for radiant floor heating
  • Heat transfer applications, such as floor cooling, snow melting, and permafrost protection
  • Water supply for hot water applications, such as radiators
  • Fire/sprinkler systems for homes 
There are a few key concepts to understand, so let's look at PEX tubing in terms of which type works best underground. 
What Type of PEX Can be Buried? 

Here are the three types of PEX tubing, but only one is an ideal option for underground systems:

PEX-A tubing, which is manufactured using peroxide, is the most flexible and softest tubing available, with the maximum degree of cross-linking for the strongest chemical bond. PEX-A tubing is appropriate for burying because its flexibility allows it to expand, especially when exposed to freezing water. 
However, PEX-A tubing is more likely to leach chemicals from the manufacturing process into the water supply so be mindful that this product still poses some risk. This is why this type is only second when it comes to burying underground.
PEX-B  If you are determined to bury a length of PEX tubing, the PEX-B tubing should be your first choice. Although PEX-B tubing is less flexible and has a lower cross-link ratio than PEX-A, it is the ideal choice for burying due to its greater bursting pressure and cost-effective pricing.  
PEX-B tubing has a higher bursting pressure than PEX-A tubing, making it ideal for burying tubing that may be exposed to freezing conditions. This property, in addition to its non-corrosive substance and a lower likelihood of chemical leaching, makes PEX-B a more viable alternative.
PEX-C is made by an irradiation process and is thus unsuitable for burying. Because it is so rigid, it is by far the most troublesome PEX tubing to work with. This means that when exposed to freezing temperatures, the tubing is more prone to kinking and cracking.
Why is Insulated PEX Pipe Underground Best for Heating My Home? 
PEX pipes are ONLY freeze-resistant, they are NOT freeze-proof! They can still break in extremely cold temperatures, although this can be avoided through insulation. Pre-insulated PEX pipes for outdoors underground can prevent the pipe from freezing and bursting. 
Remember that the hot water from the outdoor wood furnace is routed through the insulated underground PEX pipe to your house or building to be heated. To keep the water hot, your outdoor PEX pipe should be insulated and buried in the ground. 

What Is The BEST Underground Insulated PEX Pipe For Your Outdoor Wood Stove?

We at OutdoorBoiler.com designed our Underground Insulated PEX Heat Mizer brand with the following important factors:
  • Almost zero heat loss
  • Durability
  • Best value, less cost 
How To Get The Best Value On Insulated PEX? Heat Mizer Brand!
We are using the Wrap style–radiant barrier insulation which uses polyethylene closed-cell material with strong impact damping and chemical resistance characteristics. Its physical properties make it well suited to protecting PEX from cold weather while keeping the heat loss to less than a degree.  
  • The outer casing or outer shell is "Forever Waterproof" 
  • Uses PEX B tubing which is best for burying underground.
  • Lowest Heat Loss Ever – Less than one degree of heat loss or approximately .67 degree 
  • Very flexible and can bend up to an 18-inch radius.
  • Extremely durable
  • Cost-effective with wholesale prices!
  • Best Quality, Best Value! 
  • Our Heat Mizer pipe is protecting thousands of customers nationwide, giving them huge savings each year. Since we have sold more than four million feet of our insulated PEX, we have learned a LOT about how to make the best underground pipe over the years and there is a lot of science to our pipe.
    Don't go cheap on the underground pipe! 
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