3 Biggest Installation Mistakes You Can Make With Your Outdoor Boiler

3 Biggest Installation Mistakes You Can Make With Your Outdoor Boiler

3 Biggest Installation Mistakes You Can Make With Your Outdoor Boiler

We want your outdoor boiler installation to give you all the heat you need, and save you the most money over the long-term.

Therefore, your installation must be designed properly from the beginning. There are many mistakes that can be made with an outdoor boiler installation, but here are the TOP 3 Installation Mistakes:

1. No Filter
2. Using an UNinsulated Chimney Extension
3. Installing low-quality underground Insulated PEX

1. Filter
Approximately 98 percent of our customers have the Filter Kit already installed. Since all outdoor boilers are open to the atmosphere, and since sediment is the secret killer of outdoor boiler pumps and heat exchangers, if you don't have a filter, it is only a matter of a few years before your pumps and heat exchangers will fail and require expensive replacement.

The good news is that you can install a filter kit now, and it is like getting a new kidney - if caught in time, it will clean your system and save your components. 

Without a filter, you also risk damage to your outdoor boiler steel from corrosive sediment. Don't allow this to happen.

Read more on the need for your filter kit HERE.

2. Chimney Extensions MUST Be Insulated
We recommend chimney extensions. They extend the life of a boiler, and they make working around your boiler much more pleasant since the smoke is up and out of the way. 

However, you must never install an uninsulated chimney extension. All wood fuel, even the most seasoned hardwood, contains moisture. We want that moisture to exit the furnace harmlessly in the form of steam. 

When you have an uninsulated chimney extension, that steam will condense on the inside walls of the chimney extension and drip a highly caustic rain back down into your boiler and eat through the steel.

Click HERE for more information on this common mistake.

3. Low Quality Underground Insulated PEX
Underground Insulated PEX comes in many varieties and qualities. There is no better Insulated PEX than our brand, Heat Mizer. Even though our brand is the highest quality, you can actually spend MORE on lower-grade brands. 

But at our wholesale price, there is no better value available anywhere. 

To become an expert on Underground Insulated PEX, click HERE to watch our short video on "Mistakes to Avoid" with Insulated PEX

Most importantly, if anyone attempts to sell you insulated pex with black outer casing, STAY AWAY! The black outer casing is actually drain tile and it has not been manufactured to be waterproof. It will have pin hole leaks that over time will allow water to seep into your underground pipe. Then, your pipe will not be insulated - it will suck heat AWAY from your pipe as it passes through the ground. Remember that the earth can absorb an infinite amount of heat.

If you have any concerns about your installation, please call us or send us an email and we will help you get your installation in perfect condition before the heating season starts - so you can Keep Your Family Toasty Warm and Comfortable for Decades!

The most popular trend this Summer is outdoor boiler system installation and redesign. This is something that may be more complicated than you anticipate so if you plan to install or modify your outdoor boiler, give us a call for no-cost assistanceClick here for contact info.

There is no installation question or challenge we have not solved. We can provide a complete set of design drawings for your system that enables you to see how it all should be installed. We have done more installations than anybody and so we have found the most high quality yet cost effective parts to use, and the perfect design for every application.

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