Outdoor Furnace Maintenance: Do Filter Cartridges Wear Out?

Outdoor Furnace Maintenance: Do Filter Cartridges Wear Out?

Do Filter Cartridges Wear Out?

Do I have to replace my filter cartridge after years of usage?

These are important questions that many people are not familiar with. The answer is YES! 

The majority of outdoor wood boiler parts require regular maintenance. Proper maintenance is necessary to guarantee that all components operate at high efficiency, and it is also one way to extend the life of your outdoor wood stove.

One of these parts is the Boiler filter. But boiler filter replacement is an often-overlooked aspect of boiler maintenance that must be performed on a regular basis.

We have discussed on some of our blogs the importance of having a filter system on your outdoor furnaces. In fact, we mentioned that there are filter replacement parts available which you can browse on our website.

These components need to be checked. This is to ensure that they function perfectly and that no damage or cracks can be found. They also need to be replaced after years of usage in order to avoid further damage to other parts which are more costly.

Peter, an outdoor wood boiler owner and one of our customers from Michigan once called and told us that he was getting sediment buildup in the bottom of his boiler. He tried to flush it out, but it continued to accumulate!

So Peter then noticed that even though he was faithfully cleaning his filter cartridge, HIS WATER LOOKED CLEAR!

Why did sediment build-up happen to Peter's boiler system if he is using a filter?

And why was he still getting sediment buildup in the bottom of his boiler if he is also regularly cleaning his filter cartridge?


We were able to speak with him and we discovered that he had NEVER replaced his filter cartridge and his furnace was more than 6 years old. 


The life expectancy of a filter cartridge is approximately 5 years, but less in some cases, especially if you are not cleaning it regularly. If your filter captures large quantities of fine particulates, the stainless steel micron surface of the filter gets thinned out and allows larger particulates of sediment to pass. The seals on the edges of the filter can fail and also allow copious amounts of sediment to pass. That is not good!


Remember that sediment is the "Secret Killer" of Outdoor Wood Burning Boilers. More sediment is the last thing you want to happen in your outdoor boiler. More information about Sediment can be found HERE.


The good news is that these cartridges are not expensive. So, Peter just ordered a replacement and he no longer gets any sediment buildup in his boiler!


So be sure to replace your filter cartridge every five years. Just click HERE for more info on the filter cartridge. 

Always remember that ALL sections of your boiler should be inspected for damage, particularly corrosion. The chimney, also known by others as flue, of the boiler should be given special care. Any damaged parts should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible by a professional plumber or electrician.

For more Filter replacement parts you can go HERE.

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