Outdoor Furnace: How to Add $200,000 to Your Retirement Savings

Outdoor Furnace: How to Add $200,000 to Your Retirement Savings

4 Things That Will KILL Your Outdoor Wood Boiler This Summer

Some outdoor wood furnace owners calculate that they will save over $200,000 over the life of their outdoor boiler! Smart!

Not many of us can increase our income too much, but we can be smart with the resources we have.

That is why our goal at OutdoorBoiler.com is to help you keep your outdoor boiler healthy so you can SAVE MONEY for decades!

And ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is follow our simple operational tips and recommendations, and you will be on your way to being a millionaire!

Remember that when your traditional outdoor wood burning boiler reaches its end of life, the EPA will not allow you to replace that boiler! They have BANNED traditional outdoor boilers! 

So PLEASE follow these 4 simple but important steps to keep your outdoor boiler healthy! 

Beware of these 4 KILLERS:

1. Ash

2. Untreated water

3. Sediment

4. Bad Door Seal

And here's how to PROTECT your investment from these KILLERS so you can SAVE MONEY for decades!

1. Ash - Simply remove all the ash from the furnace. Scrape out the entire firebox and all heat exchange surfaces - Don't forget the chimney!

Remember that moist ash is like acid paste - it will eat through steel over the summer if not properly cleaned out of your furnace. Over the summer, ANY ash in your furnace will absorb moisture from the air and start to destroy the steel of your furnace.

While your furnace is in operation, a thin layer of ash is harmless because it is hot and dry - when ash is in its dry and powder-like state, it is harmless. But when it becomes moist, it will eat holes in your steel. CLEAN THE ASH OUT OF YOUR FURNACE NOW!!

Read this article for more info on Ash Removal.

2. Untreated Water - When water touches steel, its corrosion begins immediately...UNLESS the water is properly treated with Liquid Armor. 

Remember that Liquid Armor is only available from OutdoorBoiler.com at this link HERE, and it is specifically formulated to protect your grade of steel!

 "You wouldn't drive your car without oil, would you?" Don't destroy your investment in your outdoor boiler by using the wrong water treatment. Our slogan is this:

 "Treat your water, Test your water, then Enjoy the beach!"

This means that once you have treated and tested your outdoor wood stove water, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected, and that you will be able to continue saving money for decades!

Also, NEVER allow your furnace to remain empty. If you drain the furnace, refill it immediately and properly treat the water with Liquid Armor. Your furnace must always be full of properly treated water.

3. Sediment - This is the easiest one. To protect your furnace from sediment buildup, clean your filter often, and open your drain valve once per year to allow any sediment to drain. 

Follow the directions in this article HERE to eliminate this threat.

And remember to drain and flush your furnace completely if the water does not run clear. 

If your furnace was not installed with a filter, your heat exchangers will fail and they will cost you thousands of dollars in parts and labor costs to replace. Contact the OutdoorBoiler.com Tech Specialists for help to eliminate this risk - simply fill out this form HERE and they will be in touch with you. 

4. Door Seal - Most people replace their door seal every 2-4 years. This keeps your furnace efficient while running, and harmful moisture out of your furnace during the summer.

Click HERE to order for door seal replacement.

Conclusion - Maintaining your furnace is quick and easy. Protecting your investment from these 4 killers will allow you to continue to SAVE money on your heating bills for decades! 

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