Outdoor Wood Furnace - Worth The Money?

Outdoor Boiler Furnace: Worth the Money


We HATE unexpected costs. Who doesn't? It is that car repair that sucks your cash that you had hoped to use for something fun like a trip (fishing?) or a new gun? NOBODY likes an unexpected cost.

Unfortunately, when you rely on your car, you have NO CHOICE but to pay the money.  Your heating system is the same. You rely on your outdoor boiler to keep your home warm, without 'breaking the bank' on an expensive heating fuel. 

Our goal at OutdoorBoiler.com is to help you realize the best return on your investment!  We have invested MILLIONS in research, testing, and proving our designs and methods. We want YOU to benefit from all we have learned!

You made a big investment in your furnace system so you deserve to realize a great return on that investment!


Are You REALLY Saving Money With Your Outdoor Boiler?

Is it worth it? All the effort? Just think of all the time you spend loading your furnace, cleaning it, cutting and splitting wood, removing ash, and making sure your wood is properly seasoned? 

The answer might surprise you!

The answer is NO, if you are unwilling to spend 20 minutes per year adding the Liquid Armor water treatment to your outdoor wood burner, and submitting a water sample to the Labs for a free water analysis (the purpose of the free water analysis is to make sure that your furnace water is properly protected).

Sometimes we get calls from people who say "My boiler is leaking! And my welder says he cannot fix it because the steel is now PAPER THIN!"

We check our records and guess what? They have never used Liquid Armor to protect their investment.

"But I used water treatment that my dealer sold me!!"  But it wasn't Liquid Armor.

With all the money you have spent on your outdoor furnace and installation, WOULDN’T IT BE WORTHWHILE TO SPEND 20 MINUTES TO PROPERLY TREAT THE WATER?

One customer refused to properly treat his outdoor wood furnace, and his furnace experienced extreme corrosion from local water conditions, and the furnace started to LEAK after just three years of operations. This customer is not saving money with his outdoor furnace because his repairs were costly and not covered under warranty!


Rusty Water GalloonIS THIS YOU? 

If so, you may be asking yourself this question:



Using an outdoor boiler without Liquid Armor, is like driving a car without oil - NOBODY would do that. DON'T DESTROY YOUR INVESTMENT!

Liquid Armor has been described as "The Single Best Way to Protect Your Investment In Your Outdoor Boiler."

Liquid Armor Water Treatment

Accept NO imitations. There are some products that claim to be "rust inhibitors", but which actually CAUSE MORE RUST THAN THEY PREVENT! Do you want Liquid Armor, or Liquid DOUBT!? Liquid Armor is THE Premier outdoor boiler water treatment.

Even some of our smartest Patriot customers have been fooled by cheap imitations. They were told "It does the same thing as Liquid Armor!"

Until they learn the truth. It doesn't. If this happened to you, Go get a refund. You were lied to.

There is no substitute for Liquid Armor water treatment. It has been formulated to specifically protect the EXACT grade of steel in your outdoor boiler.

Just go to OutdoorBoiler.com, and remember that one gallon of Liquid Armor will protect 200 gallons of boiler water.  

Protect your investment NOW - Click HERE to learn more about Liquid Armor Outdoor Boiler Water Treatment!

 It is NEVER too late to start protecting your investment!  Start NOW!  It is SIMPLE - Follow these steps:

  1. Flush your water jacket. Follow simple instructions by clicking HERE.
  2. Refill the boiler with fresh water (bypass your water softener if you have one).
  3. Add Liquid Armor Water Treatment. (Click HERE to order, or call (231) 861-8200)
  4. Submit a water sample to the lab for FREE water analysis. We recommend you test your water once every 12 months.

We are getting lots of calls from many people who are upgrading their outdoor boiler installations:

- Adding a connection to a new building

- Upgrading to our most efficient underground pipe

- Connecting to heat their domestic hot water

- etc.

We are dedicated not only to increasing the life expectancy of your outdoor boiler, but also making sure you get the MAX savings out of your boiler. A proper installation is the first step to achieving great savings. Let us help you with our design services if you need to make any changes to your system.

Outdoor boiler systems and installations are complicated. DON'T GET TAKEN! Let us show you what NOT to waste money on: 

  1. The WRONG Design ... will cost way too much 
  2. The WRONG Components ... will fail soon
  3. The WRONG Specifications ... will not get you the heat you want!

We have designed literally THOUSANDS of outdoor boiler installations and systems. Nobody knows more about outdoor boiler installations than your experts at OutdoorBoiler.com

Get our custom design services, and we will show you how to MAX your savings. Many customers calculate that our systems will save them over $200,000!   Let's make sure YOU get the MAX savings from your outdoor boiler system. If you need to make any changes to your outdoor boiler system, Click HERE to request more info by email.

Put our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and our Superior Customer Rating to the test.

We will provide simple design drawings that are customized to your specific needs, and which meet your heating demand. We follow this with coaching and our industry expertise on how to complete your system!

Remember that there is nobody in the US with more expertise in outdoor wood boiler design, manufacture, quality control, installations, and service than the experts at OutdoorBoiler.com

If you buy anything that is not adequate to your specific custom needs, the worst case scenario will occur which is that your system will not provide you the HEAT you need or the long-term SAVINGS you could achieve.

Asking the experts at OutdoorBoiler.com to help you design your system will SAVE you money, time, and aggravation. Call us for your Design Service at (231) 861-8200, or click HERE to request more info by email. We will ask a few questions, and then we go to work for you. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our design services, and a 100% customer satisfaction rating.