Best Outdoor Boiler Buying Guide

Best Outdoor Boiler Buying Guide

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Buying an outdoor boiler is a big decision and a significant investment. Your outdoor wood boiler will determine your home’s comfort level to keep you and your family toasty warm and comfortable for decades. We are very happy that you have decided to consider an outdoor boiler! You have discovered how to heat using the lowest cost RENEWABLE heating fuel, one which has been used since the beginning of recorded history. 

You want to make an informed decision, but where to start?

There are a few categories and features you should consider when selecting the finest outdoor wood boiler. These include materials for quality and longevity, simplicity of use, efficiency, and ongoing savings, as well as a warranty and customer assistance for your peace of mind. 

In this article, we will discuss the things you should be aware of regarding an outside wood boiler.  We will go through our preferences and offer some useful advice! Find out how an outdoor wood furnace operates and what its benefits and drawbacks are! 

How does an outdoor boiler work?

simple installation

An outdoor wood furnace is positioned between 50 and 150 feet from your house.

The distance largely relies on your particular circumstances, but you must take into consideration the expense and labor of burying the underground tubing as well as heat loss during long runs.

The water will lose some heat as it is moved between the furnace and the heat exchanger, despite the insulation of the tubing.


PEX pipe

The farther away it is from your home, the more heat you'll lose, though it's not  a lot. Therefore, we recommend you to get the World’s Best Insulated PEX: Heat Mizer which has the lowest heat loss ever! We have sold over four million feet of underground pipe and we have had precisely ZERO failures! 

Our Heat Mizer pipe is protecting thousands of customers nationwide, giving them huge savings each year. We have learned a LOT about how to make the best underground pipe over the years and there is a lot of science to our pipe.

Remember that these units are very large and that you will need to pour a cement pad for them to sit on as you think about installation choices.

Its basic parts consist of a furnace enclosed by a water jacket.

furnace enclosed by a water jacket. 

Through the use of an aquastat, the fire warms the water to a predetermined temperature (typically 180 degrees).

An aquastat on the boiler securely regulates the water temperature at a predetermined temperature. 

The stove opens the air supply feeding air to the fire when the temperature is too low to increase it.

When the desired temperature is achieved, the aquastat shuts off the air flow, putting a damper on the fire and lowering the temperature.

A circulation pump is used to pump the heated water into your home through underground pipes.

The heat is transferred to your current heating system through a heat exchanger that the tubing attaches to.

Your current heating system or household water are never combined with the heated water inside the wood furnace.

The heat exchanger serves as the primary means of heat transmission.

Simple installation

Things to consider before you buy an outdoor wood boiler

Now that you know the basic function of an outdoor wood boiler, let us discuss the things to consider before you buy an outdoor wood boiler. 

  1. Simplicity

You want a product that is not only dependable but also simple to use for you and family members who will use the furnace when you are away when selecting the best outdoor wood boiler. Make sure to choose the boiler that you are comfortable to operate with. 

  1. Efficiency

Efficiency means using less wood and having to load the furnace less often. Standard outside wood boilers typically have an efficiency of 80% to 85%, whereas high-efficiency, dual-stage wood furnaces have an efficiency of 90% to 95%. Search the EPA-Certified wood stove database to verify the unit before buying. For information on any extra regulations relating to smoke control and other matters, check with your homeowner's association.

  1. Size

Both the efficiency and the capacity of the boiler are critical. Undersized boilers won't function properly, and oversized ones will increase the cost of heating your house. Depending on the amount of heating required, the climate zone, and the efficiency rating of the unit, most U.S. houses require 40 to 60 BTUs per square foot. Outdoor wood furnaces with 60,000–150,000 BTUs are required for typical houses with 1,500–2,500 square feet. (See sizing chart)

Boiler Sizing Chart

  1. Size

The next important factor in deciding furnace size is your climate zone. The range of heating capacity is 30 to 60 BTUs per square foot, but your climate zone serves as the focal point. In the US, there are five distinct climate zones. The warmest zone is Zone 1, and the coldest zone is Zone 5. Greater heating capacity is needed in colder climates than in warmer ones.

30 to 35 BTUs per square foot are needed in homes in Zone 1, which encompasses Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Homes in Zone 1 might not need furnaces; Zones 1 to 3 are generally suitable for heat pumps. Homes in Zone 3, which covers most of Missouri and Virginia as well as Kentucky, require 40 to 45 BTUs per square foot. 50 to 60 BTUs are needed per square foot for homes in Zone 5, which encompasses Maine, Wisconsin, and Montana.

  1. Cost

Initial costs can be high, typically between $5,000 and $7,000. Some units can be more or less. Your initial investment might not be recovered for several years, depending on your current heating expenses. Here is an estimate cost in installing a new boiler. Some may be cheaper, others may be much expensive. This is just an estimate to give you an overview of the whole installation cost.

Outdoor wood boiler installation cost

Cost factors include size, heating needs, distance to home, concrete slab-base, labor, piping, ductwork, radiators, domestic hot water, radiant floor heating, tax credit, among other things.

  1. Quality

The average lifespan of an outdoor wood furnace or boiler is 15 to 25 years, depending on the quality, frequency of use, climate, and level of maintenance. You can maximize the life of your furnace by being aware of the variables that influence its lifespan. Make sure to do your research if you decide to heat your house with an outdoor furnace. You shouldn't try to skimp on this expenditure. The good news is that there are choices that are economical and effective.

Regular maintenance prolongs a boiler’s life span. Remember this routine maintenance items:

  1. Clean your filter. How often? Read more here.
  2. Ash removal - yes, redundant, but critical. Read "When Does Ash EAT Holes In Outdoor Boiler Steel?"
  3. Do the "Annual Sediment Flush". This is required every year (that you don't do a complete flush) because sediment is the "secret killer" of outdoor wood burners. Read more here.
  4. Follow the "Dry Burn" Method. This extends the life of your boiler, improves efficiency, and reduces the amount of wood needed for a toasty warm house. Read "Top 3 Reasons You Should Dry Burn Your Boiler" here.
  5. Add One Creosote Stick Every Week. This new product is the BEST way to remove creosote - just toss one stick into the fire in your outdoor boiler, and in 24 hours, creosote will be eliminated! This improves efficiency, protects your steel and you burn less wood! Read about these handy little life-savers here.
  6. Never Operate Your Outdoor Wood Stove at temps below 140 degrees. Water jacket temps below 140 degrees will build up thick layers of creosote, and create a cleaning nightmare. Watch this video: "3 Reasons To Keep Your Furnace Above 140 Degrees".
  7. Keep Your Water Level Full. Water jacket levels should stay above the "ADD" level on your water level indicator. If you don't have a water level indicator on the top front vent tube of your boiler, get one here (for HE and GX models).
  8. Confirm That Your Underground Pipe is NOT Losing Heat. You can burn an entire year of wood in just 45 days if your underground pipe is poorly insulated.  Learn how to test for heat loss here. Then read "Losing Heat Underground? Stop WASTING Money!" 

How To "Create Value"?

But you can only create value if you invest wisely and take care of your assets. We all know that in order to do this you must follow these four principles:

  1. Buy Good Initial Quality
  2. Do Routine Maintenance
  3. Use Only Factory-Recommended Parts and Supplies
  4. Follow Recommended Operating Guidelines and Standards

An outdoor wood boiler is a significant purchase that frequently necessitates extensive study, as it should since it impacts your entire family. However, if you bear these considerations in mind, you'll be able to pick the finest outdoor wood boiler for your particular heating requirements.

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Most of the time, when someone considers an outdoor boiler, they contact us FIRST and we help them with the important design questions. Then they get their most important component installed.

Overall, heating with an outdoor wood furnace can supply your house with consistent heat to keep your family toasty warm and comfortable for decades! And of course, please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have. We are here to help you in any way we can. 

It's up to you! Follow these steps of wisdom, and build wealth. Let's do it together - let us help you...follow our easy recommendations, and we will help you Invest Wisely, Create Value, and Build Wealth!