Outdoor Furnace: Top 3 High-Cost Repairs You Can Avoid NOW

Top 3 High-Cost Repairs You Can Avoid NOW

Top 3 High-Cost Repairs You Can Avoid NOW...In ONE Simple Step!

We HATE unexpected costs. Who doesn't?

It is that car repair that sucks the cash that you had hoped to use for something fun like a trip (fishing?) or a new gun? NOBODY likes an unexpected cost.

Image 1Unfortunately, when you rely on your car, you have NO CHOICE but to pay the money.  Your heating system is the same. You rely on your outdoor wood boiler to keep your home warm, without 'breaking the bank' on expensive heating fuel. 

If you are NOT following the 10 Critical Steps To Keep Your Warranty Valid (see article below), then you will soon have expensive costs - expensive and UNEXPECTED costs such as:

1. Circulating Pumps fail.

2. Heat exchangers become clogged - no heat!

3. Outdoor Wood Furnace water jacket LEAKS! (This is the MOST expensive!)

What is the ONE Simple Step to AVOID an unexpected cost? Just read below...the 10 Critical Steps To Keep Your Warranty Valid (see article below). Follow the recommendations, such as...

Outdoor Boiler Filter Kit

No filter kit?  Get one HERE. It is like getting a new kidney - it will clean up your entire system and save you from failing boiler pumps and heat exchangers plugged from sediment. There is a 100% failure ratio of outdoor wood burner systems that do NOT have a filter.

Have you flushed your sediment lately? If not, do it NOW. It takes 5 seconds. Click HERE and read the "How Do I Collect The Water Sample" section.

You will rid your system of any sediment - the "Secret Killer" of outdoor wood stoves.

Chimney Cap

No Chimney Cap? Simple. Click HERE. It pays for itself in wood savings.

Haven't Submitted A Water Sample Lately? Just DO IT! It is easy. Follow the directions HERE.

Our goal at OutdoorBoiler.com is to make this easy. If you have any questions, just Contact Us and we are happy to help you! You can also visit our online store to browse for more outdoor wood boiler parts.

Operating Furnace FAQs:

  • Am I burning too much wood?

You may be. Is the wood properly seasoned? Have you cleared the firebox? High wood consumption can be caused by a number of factors.

  • Can I leave my furnace over the weekend?

You may have someone "feed" your furnace for you or you may lower the thermostat temperature.

  • Should I turn my thermostat down at night?

No, the lower the water temperature will cause the use of more wood to recover.

  • What are the critical items to operate and maintain my furnace efficiently?

1. Keep water full

2. Manage ash

3. Use water treatment

4. Use seasoned wood

5. Keep fire in the middle of the firebox

6. Clean tubes regularly

Maintenance FAQs

  • Why is water treatment important?

The chemical (water treatment) coats the inside of the furnace to reduce the effects of corrosion on the metal. Click HERE to order our Liquid Armor Water Treatment and other outdoor wood furnace parts.

  • How often do I need to Inspect my Chimney/Flue

Inspect chimney and flue monthly and clean as needed. Clean chimney and flue annually. Perform cleaning and maintenance only when no fire is present in the firebox and ashes are cooled completely.

  • How Can I Change Door Rope Gasket?

The rope will settle in the first few months of use. Before you change the rope gasket try adjusting your door. This is easiest with two people, one to push the door against the chute and the other to adjust the bolts. Keep your door snug but not so tight that it is difficult to operate.

  • Why is ash management important?

If the ash becomes wet it is corrosive to the metal of the furnace. If the level of ash is too thick in the water box it does not allow for efficient heat transfer to the water in the water jacket of the furnace. The temperature of the water in the jacket is used to heat your house.


  • Why am I not getting hot water?

Check that the hot water system is connected properly. Check if the heat exchanger is partially or totally clogged.

  • Why does my furnace continue to burn when it is not operating?

Check the door seal, door adjustment, and solenoid.

  • I can't find a leak in my furnace. Why am I losing water?

Wood burning furnaces use a non-pressurized system, this means that the system is exposed to the air. Since the water in the system can and will be warmer than the air, there will be evaporation of the water in the system. The water must be checked and adjusted at least once a month, sometimes more.

Be the HERO to your family and Be Prepared so you can keep your family warm and toasty while saving from your heating bills and avoiding the expense of costly repairs for your outdoor boiler!