Top 3 High-Cost Repairs You Can Avoid NOW...In One Simple Step!

Top 3 High-Cost Repairs You Can Avoid NOW...In ONE Simple Step!

We HATE unexpected costs. Who doesn't? It is that car repair that sucks your cash that you had hoped to use for something fun like a trip (fishing?) or a new gun? NOBODY likes an unexpected cost.

Unfortunately, when you rely on your car, you have NO CHOICE but to pay the money.  Your heating system is the same. You rely on your outdoor boiler to keep your home warm, without 'breaking the bank' on an expensive heating fuel. 

If you are NOT following the 10 Critical Steps To Keep Your Warranty Valid (see article below), then you will soon have expensive costs - expensive and UNEXPECTED costs such as:

1. Pumps fail.
2. Heat exchangers become clogged - no heat!
3. Furnace water jacket LEAKS!  (This is the MOST expensive!)

What is the ONE Simple Step to AVOID an unexpected cost?  Just read below...the 10 Critical Steps To Keep Your Warranty Valid (see article below). Follow the recommendations, such as...

No filter kit?  Get one HERE. It is like getting a new kidney - it will clean up your entire system and save you from failing pumps and heat exchangers plugged from sediment. There is a 100% failure ratio of outdoor boiler systems that do NOT have a filter.

Have you flushed your sediment lately?  If not, do it NOW. It takes 5 seconds. Click HERE and read "How Do I Collect The Water Sample" section. You will rid your system of any sediment - the "Secret Killer" of outdoor boilers.

No Chimney Cap?  Simple. Click HERE. It pays for itself in wood savings.

Haven't Submitted A Water Sample Lately?  Just DO IT! It is easy. Follow the directions HERE.

Our goal at Hawken Support is to make this easy. If you have any questions, just Contact Us and we are happy to help you!