Top 4 Signs Your Blower Fan Will QUIT Soon! How To Know If Death is Imminent

Top 4 Signs Your Blower Is Near Death!

We are getting calls from many customers whose blower fans are NEAR DEATH, but they don't realize this. 

Blower fans don't usually just go from NORMAL to DEAD instantly. They often die slowly, and if you pay attention, you can be prepared for this.  A blower fan that is near death should be replaced immediately!  Do NOT risk freeze damage!

Here are the TOP 4 Signs Your Blower is Near Death:

1. You see an increase in CREOSOTE in your boiler. This is a sign of poor combustion, likely from a failing blower.

2. You feel little or no air from the fan. Place your hand in front of the air flow opening (door) and feel the air flow. The air flow should be sufficient to blow your hair away from your face (if you have hair!).  Burn Caution: If the air flow opening on your boiler is inside the boiler, do not use your hand, but rather attach a 5" strip of plastic (from a grocery bag) to a stick and hold it in front of the air flow.  

3. Unusual Fan Noise/High Amperage. A failing fan will often make a humming sound, or a squealing sound. If the fan is not spinning, sometimes it can be started spinning and it takes off. (Do not use your hand to start it!) If a routine check of the amperage load to the motor reveals high amperage, the motor is working too hard and will fail soon. This test is done using an amp meter on the common wire.

4. Wood Not Burning Well.  If your wood is not burning well, this is usually a sign of poor air flow. Air flow problems can be caused by a bad solenoid, a blockage of some sort, or because your blower fan is NEAR DEATH!

Again, a blower fan that is near death should be replaced immediately! A blower fan cannot be oiled - they are designed to be maintenance free, and then just replaced when they reach their end of life. The lowest cost maintenance is full replacement - components of the fan are not available to replace cost effectively.

Click HERE for Replacement Blower Fans. Don't buy a cheap imitation fan - DON'T RISK voiding your warranty, or destroying your investment with improper replacement parts! Recommendation: Since all outdoor boilers are designed to OUTLAST their electronics, we recommend that you always have a SPARE of the four main electrical components: 1. Blower Fan, 2. Pump, 3. Solenoid, 4. High Limit Safety Switch.

We call these four items the "Emergency Prep Kit".