Why an Outdoor Furnace Filter Kit Is Needed for ALL Outdoor Boilers

"Filter Kit - Why Needed for ALL Outdoor Boilers"

Sediment is the "Secret Killer" of outdoor boilers. It will eat through steel, AND cause electrolysis damage to your water jacket - holes in your boiler are very bad

Most outdoor boiler owners already have a filter. But many do not realize that the filter CARTRIDGE must be replaced every 4-5 years. This is . If you don't replace your cartridge, then your filter will  begin to allow sediment to pass through the seals and edges, and the steel gets thin and loses effectiveness. Then you lose the benefit of even having a filter. . Learn more by clicking HERE.
We get calls from outdoor boiler owners who need to replace all their pumps and heat exchangers at great cost. This could have been prevented if they had a filter, or just replaced their cartridge faithfully every 4-5 years.  

If you don't have a filter, you can install one now easily. This will reverse the damage being caused by sediment, and clean up your system perfectly!

If you have had your filter longer than 4-5 years, but have not replaced the stainless steel cartridge, we strongly recommend that you replace this cartridge immediately - they are available here.

Filter kits are available!  They include literally every component needed to install a filter, including the bypass. A bypass is required to allow the water to continue flowing while the filter is getting cleaned every month or two. Simple instructions and drawing for the filter are included with every Filter Kit. Click HERE for more info on Filter Kits.

A properly functioning filter will enable you to Turn UP Your Thermostat and Still SAVE Money on your heating bills for decades with your outdoor wood boiler!